Poinsettia 6 cm – Marble

Flowers are needed until the end of the year. That’s where I make my appearance. I am a poinsettia and can be found in many warm shades. At bygrowers you can find me in orange, a cinnamon color and yellow and the traditional red and white colors. I need to be watered regularly but not overwatered. I like light areas, but not placed directly in the sunlight. My leaves are found in many different shapes, for example, rounded, pointy or curled up. You do not need to fertilize me.
Available from week : 41-51
Packing info for Danish CC
Qty pr. tray : 12/20/28
Tray pr. layer : 9/6/4
Tray pr. CC : 110/72/48

bygrowers has a large variety, but reservations for the unique sorts and colors are required in due time.

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