Coleus – Broad Street

Colourful leaves are what you get from me. I grow extremely fast, and you can propagate with ease with my leaves and stems. I need water and can hang if I am dry, but I am the type of plant that straightens up quickly. When it´s hot, you might have to water me more frequently during the day. I can be placed inside or outside. I need to be nourished, which you can do between waterings. I like to be placed in direct sun, and I am bee-friendly. I have become more popular lately, and that is due to my versatility. I am available in the summer seasons, and if kept well indoors, I can survive for many years.
Available from week : 20-37
Packing info for Danish CC
Qty pr. tray : 8
Tray pr. layer : 4
Tray pr. CC : 32

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